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#French teacher conference March 2nd! Meet our speakers! (5)

French  Teacher Conference #FTC2019 taking place in Athlone on March 2nd. Full packed programme around La #Francophonie. Presentations and workshops to choose from. 
So time to meet another speaker: Caroline Moreau. 
In 2017, after a few years performing French Chanson in Irish venues, Caroline created French Singing In Schools, a project combining both her singing skills and her passion for teaching, that allows her to visit secondary schools all over Ireland, by teaching French songs to enthusiastic Irish teenagers.
Her workshop will be very practical on using songs in the French classroom. It will complement the morning session on Action-oreintated language learning: the use of performative practices and spaces in the development of creative pedagogies for learners of French.  
For the full programme: https://we-love-languages.com/?page_id=3885
For tickets: https://we-love-languages.com/?page_id=3278

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