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Meet the speakers! (3) Deirdre Lloyd Fermigier

Meet the speakers continues, we introduce Deirdre Lloyd Fermigier. 
Deirdre is a French and Spanish teacher in Holy Family Secondary School, Newbridge. Deirdre has been teaching languages since 2006 and is working with the national JCT MFL team as an associate, while teaching full-time and studying for an M. Ed. in with Maynooth University which involves researching the area of developing skills through the use of an e-portfolio in the MFL classroom.
Deirdre will offer a workshop on building culture in the MFL classroom: Task based learning. This workshop will explore what culture is and how we can bring culture into the MFL classroom through task-based learning. Although the workshop will mainly focus on culture in Junior Cycle, we will also look at extending this strategy into Senior Cycle. Teachers will be invited to participate in the workshop by creating their own lesson on culture using the task-based model.
For the full programme: https://we-love-languages.com/?page_id=3885
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