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Meet the speakers! (1)

We would like to introduce the speakers who will present and do workshops on march 2nd at our French teacher conference. It will be a full one day conference with a variety of topics.

Our first speaker in alphabetical order is: Nathalie-Zoé Fabert.

Nathalie-Zoé Fabert is a graduate in German, Linguistic and Didactic of Foreign Languages from Toulouse and Montpellier Universities. Nathalie-Zoé has been teaching French and German from primary schools to university level in several countries. She is working in the field of cultural cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008, and is Cooperation Attaché for French Language at the Embassy of France in Dublin since September 2015.

Nathalie-Zoé will present twice once in the morning to the whole group on what is available to French teachers in Ireland and in a workshop in the afternoon about the DELF exam and the possibility to have it organised in your school. 

You can email us at info@we-love-languages.com for more informations. 

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